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        Business philosophy

        Quality is the lifeline


        Tongling Yuanyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Address: 129 west Cuihu road 5, Tongling Economic Development   Zone, Anhui Province

        Tel:+86 13956259526       

        Tel:+86 13905620906


        Company profile


        Tongling Yuanyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd,founded in 2009 and is located in Tongling, Anhui Province, China. The Shanghai-chongqing Expressway meets the Beijing-Taiwan Expressway. It is about 40 minutes drive from Jiuhuashan Airport. The geographical position is very superior and the traffic conditions are convenient.
        The company has more than 60 employees, with superior processing equipment, professional staff, and rich experience in mold design and manufacturing. Specializing in the research and development, production and service of precision semiconductor packaging molds and cutting  forming molds.
        Exquisite manufacturing technology and excellent service are the foundation of our fierce market competition.
        The company has a group of experienced talents in the semiconductor packaging mold industry, and our tenet is "quality is the lifeline,innovation is the source of an enterprise,today's quality means tomorrow's market" .
        The company introduces various imported and domestic high-precision automatic processing equipment and measuring equipment, adopts computer-aided design , imports and integrates CAD/CAPP/CAM technology, integrates R&D design and manufacturing.The main products are :

        1.Pot and plunger for semiconductor molds;
        2.package molds and cavity bar;
        3.automatic packaging system exchange department;
        4.cutting rib forming cutting edge parts and molds;
        5.other precision products.
        At the same time, we are a national high-tech enterprise.In response to the challenges of the market, in response to the call of the state and local governments on SEMs to accelerate structural adjustment and promote industrial upgrading, the company put forward the strategy of “technology to ensure production, technological transformation and promotion”, while safeguarding existing mold processing orders, organizing The superior force has invested in and research some technological transformation projects such as semiconductor packaging molds,with greatly improved the company's technical competitiveness and industry strength.
        The company's purpose: to create value for customers, and to climb the industry peak.


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        Tongling Yuanyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Tel:+86 13956259526        Tel:+86 13905620906       

        Address: 129 west Cuihu road 5, Tongling Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province

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