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        Types of barrel injection heads supplied by Tongling Yuanyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
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        We provide tungsten steel and high speed steel POT and PLUNGER. Widely used in semiconductor/package multi-cavity molds. The inner hole roughness by special grinding treatment can reach Ra0.01, roundness 0.0004, and cylindricity 0.002. The following series of cartridge PLUNGER are available for different mold and packaging process characteristics:
        Conventional structure, tungsten steel PLUNGER
        Special self-sealing structure, tungsten steel PLUNGER
        Specially coated PLUNGER
        High-speed steel  PLUNGER with sealing ring and special coating on the surface
        Performance: high precision, high wear resistance, high stability


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        Tongling Yuanyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Tel:+86 13956259526        Tel:+86 13905620906       

        Address: 129 west Cuihu road 5, Tongling Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province

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