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        The development of the mold industry puts new demands on equipment
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        On the afternoon of April 10th, at the CCMT2018 exhibition, invited by the organizer China Machine Tool Industry Association, China Die & Mould Industry Association held a communication seminar. The Secretary General of the Model Association Qin Hao made a speech entitled “China Mould Industry and Modern Manufacturing Industry”. The theme report of “Coexistence and Co-development” involves the mold market situation, mold equipment and the future development direction of the mold industry and its demand for equipment.

        After 30 years of development, China has become a major mold manufacturing and consumption country in the world, and established a mold manufacturing system. In 2017, mold sales reached 200 billion yuan, showing steady development and optimization and upgrading. According to reports, China's molds already have the ability to export in batches. While basically meeting the needs of China's manufacturing industry for molds, it is also a major supplier of international mold market. According to customs statistics, in 2017 China's total mold exports were 5.49 billion US dollars, and the number of export destination countries (or regions) reached 201. The total import value of molds was US$2.051 billion, a slight increase of 2.43% from the previous year.

        Nowadays, the pace of mold innovation and technological advancement is accelerating. With new technologies, new materials and new forms, new molds and new products are driven, and the characteristics of technological innovation drive are obvious. The mold industry innovation has shifted from tracking to tracking and running, and a group of enterprises have entered the first square of international manufacturing. Fine, automated, information, integration, network, and intelligent to accelerate the industry to improve efficiency and optimize upgrades, mold products will continue to develop in large, sophisticated, high-performance, integrated direction.

        Mold manufacturing places new demands on itself and its equipment applications. Mold processing is progressing toward high precision and high efficiency through equipment utilization evaluation, manual interference evaluation, collaborative evaluation, and product quality evaluation. In the aspect of mold manufacturing, we pursue the modularization, standardization technical specifications and process management of non-standard products, and strive to achieve precise control, intelligent monitoring, stable production and quality measurement.

        Mold companies have put forward application-level index requirements for mold manufacturing equipment, namely: (1) improving equipment utilization and man-machine ratio step by step optimization; (2) benchmarking, knowledge base management, parts and modular manufacturing; (3) Processing unit automation; (4) A large number of special equipment is put into mold manufacturing, such as multi-axis multi-path intelligent special equipment; (5) implementation of manufacturing process control and result management.

        In the end, Qin Wei said that the China Model Association is promoting the “fine mold creation” and will fully utilize the role of the expert committee to lead the industry to improve the manufacturing level.

        (Source: Machine Network)


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