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        2019 Mid-autumn Festival,National Day holiday notice
        Release time:2019-09-10 08:30:55 | Browse times:

        According to the reseach,the time schedule for the Mid-autumn Festival and National Day in 2019 is as follows:

        1. On September 13th,2019,the Mid-Autumn Festival (Friday)is on hoilday,on September 14th(Saturday),it is normal to work,and on Septmeber 15th(Sunday),it is overtime;

        2. On October 1st,2019(Tuesday) to October 5th(Saturday)holiday,September 29th(Sunday) to work normally(changed on October 4th),October 6th(Sunday) to work normally (Changed on October 5th).

          All departments are requested to work together to arrange the usual work to creat the necessary conditions foe the National Day holiday.


                                                                                   Tongling Yuanyi Precision MachineryCo.,ltd

                                                                                                   September 9,2019

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        Tongling Yuanyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Tel:+86 13956259526        Tel:+86 13905620906       

        Address: 129 west Cuihu road 5, Tongling Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province

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