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        Plastic molds for semiconductors and intergrated circuits
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        The plastic sealing mold is a fixed feeding cavity type thermoseing plastic die-casting mold ,which is specially used for plastic packaging of integrated circuits,semiconductors and chips,and is used together with a semiconductor device molding and laminating machine.

        The plastic mold structure is similar to the injection mold,but it is not an injection mold.

        The basic components of the plastic sealing mold are:the mold box part(including the upper and lower insert parts), mold frame part(including ejector system,support system,the guide positioning system),and the attachment part (including the gating system,the loading frame,the heating element)And temperature measuring components,etc.)

        Plastic molds are mainly divided into two categories,one is a single injection head package mold,and the other is a multi-injection mold (MGP).

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